Islamabad, October 26, 2023: In the world of finance, every movement counts. The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) recorded a marginal gain today as the 100-index inched up by 8.15 points. While it may seem like a small change, in the world of stock trading, even the slightest shift can have significant implications.

As of today, the PSX 100-index closed at 51,185.28 points, up from the previous day’s closing figure of 51,177.13 points. This represents a nominal change of 0.02 percent, highlighting the stability of the market.

During the trading session, a total of 364,039,493 shares were exchanged, amounting to a total value of Rs 10.928 billion. While these numbers are substantial, they do reflect a decrease compared to the previous day when 427,393,948 shares were traded, valued at Rs 15.509 billion.

The stock market was active, with 355 companies participating in today’s trading session. Among them, 139 recorded gains, 196 sustained losses, and the share price of 20 companies remained unchanged.

The top three trading companies in terms of share volume and prices included WorldCall Telecom, Bank of Punjab, and K-Electric Ltd. Their respective share volumes and prices were closely monitored by investors and analysts.

Service Ind. Ltd stood out as the biggest gainer of the day, with a significant increase of Rs. 28.74 per share, closing at Rs. 412.00. Not far behind, Al-Ghazi Tractors also demonstrated strength, with a rise of Rs. 23.56 per share to reach Rs. 337.74.

On the flip side, Sapphire Fiber XD experienced the most significant decrease, with a drop of Rs 88.44 per share, closing at Rs. 1090.75. Following closely was Faisal Spinning XD, which saw a decline of Rs. 20.00 per share, closing at Rs. 330.00.

This market data was made available on October 26, 2023, at 5:07 PM, giving investors and analysts valuable insights into the day’s trading activity. Each fluctuation in share prices and index points is closely observed in the world of finance, as these numbers can often serve as indicators of economic trends and investor sentiment. The PSX continues to be a focal point for those interested in the dynamics of Pakistan’s stock market.

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