Islamabad, October 22, 2023 (PAKONOMY): In a significant stride forward, Pakistan’s digital landscape witnessed a substantial surge in 3G and 4G users during the month of September. Freshly released data from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has revealed a remarkable increase in connectivity, reaffirming the nation’s steadfast march into the digital era.

Here’s the Breakdown:

Surging User Numbers: The number of 3G and 4G users in Pakistan witnessed a remarkable rise from 126.610 million users at the close of August 2023 to an impressive 126.930 million by the end of September.

Next-Gen Mobile Services: The Monthly Next Generation Mobile Service (NGMS) penetration rate escalated from 53.1 percent in August to 53.14 percent by September, underscoring the growing reliance on advanced mobile services.

Jazz’s Shift: Jazz, one of Pakistan’s leading telecom providers, saw a decline in their 3G user base, which plummeted from 4.148 million in August to 3.893 million in September. On the flip side, their 4G user base surged from 43.010 million to 43.162 million, indicating a growing preference for faster and more reliable 4G services.

Zong’s Transformations: Zong, another major player in the telecom sector, experienced substantial shifts in its subscriber base. While their 3G subscribers dropped from 2.425 million to 2.378 million, their 4G user numbers catapulted from 33.269 million to 33.494 million.

Telenor’s Transition: Telenor’s 3G subscriber count dwindled from 2.720 million to 2.656 million, signaling a reduction in reliance on 3G services. Conversely, their 4G user base showed growth, climbing from 23.260 million to 23.320 million.

Ufone’s Expansion: Ufone’s 3G users decreased to 2.481 million by the end of September from 2.676 million in August. In contrast, their 4G user base expanded from 13.616 million to 14.044 million, underlining the increasing demand for high-speed internet.

Overall Cellular Subscribers: The overall number of cellular subscribers in Pakistan observed a slight dip, moving from 190.44 million in August 2023 to 189.740 million in September 2023.

Teledensity Shift: Both cellular teledensity and total teledensity saw reductions during this period. Cellular teledensity fell from 79.87 percent in August 2023 to 79.44 percent in September, while the total teledensity decreased from 80.95 percent to 80.52 percent.

This surge in 3G and 4G users not only reflects Pakistan’s growing digital footprint but also mirrors the shifting preferences of its mobile users towards faster and more robust network services. As the country advances further into the digital age, the telecom industry is experiencing a transformative phase.

Pakistan is gearing up to embrace the digital era, and as technology evolves, so does the nation. With an expanding 4G user base, the future promises enhanced connectivity, innovation, and improved mobile services for all. This growth signals the readiness of Pakistan to embrace the digital revolution, making way for a more connected and dynamic future.

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