Islamabad, October 24, 2023 (PAKONOMY): In Tuesday’s trading session at the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), the 100-index experienced a nominal negative change of 0.08 per cent, shedding 42.89 points and closing at 51,027.94 points. This was a slight dip from the previous day’s closing of 51,070.83 points. The total number of shares traded on the day was 321,403,857, with a total value of Rs 11.091 billion. This was lower compared to the previous day when 364,070,705 shares were traded with a value of Rs 15.930 billion.

During the trading session, a total of 342 companies participated in the stock market. Out of these, 143 companies recorded gains, 171 companies sustained losses, and the share price of 28 companies remained unchanged. The top three trading companies by volume were Pak Refinery with 33,555,439 shares traded at Rs 18.64 per share, Fauji Foods Ltd with 29,104,963 shares traded at Rs 6.98 per share, and Bankislami Pak with 15,533,332 shares traded at Rs 19.19 per share.

Among the companies that saw significant changes in share prices, Sanofi-Aventis experienced the highest increase of Rs 56.44 per share, closing at Rs 808.94. Pak Services was the runner-up with a rise of Rs 47.83 per share, closing at Rs 749.83. On the other hand, Rafhan Maize witnessed the maximum decrease of Rs 100.00 per share, closing at Rs 8,000.00, followed by Philip Morris Pak with a decline of Rs 39.85, closing at Rs 491.55.

Overall, Tuesday’s trading session at the PSX saw a slight dip in the 100-index and a decrease in the total value of shares traded. While some companies recorded gains, others sustained losses, reflecting the dynamic nature of the stock market. Investors will continue to monitor these trends as they make investment decisions in the coming days.

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