Over 630,000 Pakistanis Seek Overseas Employment in 2023

Islamabad, October 23, 2023(PAKONOMY): A significant migration trend is unfolding in Pakistan, as more than 630,000 Pakistanis left their homeland in the first nine months of 2023 in pursuit of better employment opportunities abroad, according to the latest data from the Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment.

September saw an exceptional surge, with over 92,000 individuals departing the country to chase their dreams of working abroad. The scale of this migration is a testament to the ambition and resilience of Pakistan’s workforce.

The migrants represent a diverse array of occupational groups, encompassing laborers, drivers, engineers, accountants, doctors, and teachers. This exodus showcases the wide-ranging skills and expertise within Pakistan’s labor force.

A detailed breakdown of the statistics provides insight into the composition of the migrating workforce: 17,058 were highly qualified, 35,414 possessed high-level skills, 232,933 were skilled professionals, 65,922 were classified as semi-skilled, and the majority, numbering 281,781, were considered unskilled labor. This diverse workforce is contributing to a global labor market in need of varied skills and expertise.

The top destinations for Pakistani workers include Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Qatar, where they have sought employment in substantial numbers. Additionally, countries like Malaysia, Bahrain, Romania, Greece, and Iraq have also become attractive hubs for Pakistanis exploring overseas work opportunities.

It is worth noting that the data provided is based on individuals who officially registered their intent with the Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment. This data does not account for those who ventured abroad for educational purposes or chose alternative immigration routes.

In a broader context, the statistics for 2023 reflect a growing trend of overseas employment among Pakistanis. The previous year saw a remarkable 832,339 individuals embarking on foreign employment endeavors, marking the highest figure since 2016. This not only underscores the determination of Pakistani workers but also highlights the global appeal of their skills and expertise.

As Pakistan’s workforce explores new horizons, it’s clear that they are becoming a driving force in the international labor market, contributing to economies and societies across the globe. This migration trend speaks to the aspiration and potential of Pakistan’s workforce as they seek to build brighter futures beyond their homeland.

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