Islamabad, October 23, 2023 (PAKONOMY): In a remarkable display of strength, the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) continued its bullish trend on Monday, October 23, 2023. Investors and traders witnessed the index making significant gains, marking a positive change of 0.67%. This surge in market performance propelled the PSX’s 100-index to reach 51,070.83 points, surpassing the previous day’s close at 50,731.87 points.

Market activity on this day was particularly robust, with a total of 364,070,705 shares changing hands, valued at an impressive Rs. 15.930 billion. This represented a notable increase when compared to the previous day, where 430,052,557 shares were traded, amounting to Rs. 14.611 billion.

The trading floor saw active participation from a total of 352 companies. Among these companies, 171 managed to record gains, reflecting the prevailing bullish sentiment. Conversely, 150 companies experienced losses, while the share price of 31 companies remained stable.

Top Trading Performers

The top three trading companies by volume included:

  1. Oil and Gas Dev.XD: This company traded an astounding 27,498,695 shares, each priced at Rs. 102.45 per share.
  2. Pak PetroleumXD: Not far behind, Pak PetroleumXD traded 24,259,049 shares, each valued at Rs. 85.22 per share.
  3. Fauji Foods Ltd: Fauji Foods Ltd recorded a trading volume of 19,278,577 shares, with each share priced at Rs. 6.73.

Noteworthy Price Movements

Several companies experienced significant price movements during this trading session. Among them, Rafhan Maize stood out with the most substantial increase, as it gained Rs. 107.50 per share, closing at an impressive Rs. 8,100.00. In the runner-up position was Sanofi-Aventis, which saw its per share price rise by Rs. 52.50 to reach Rs. 752.50.

However, there were companies that faced declines as well. Philip Morris Pak witnessed the most considerable decrease, with its share price dropping by Rs. 39.60 per share, closing at Rs. 531.40. Following closely was Faisal Spinning XD, which experienced a decrease of Rs. 26.62, closing at Rs. 328.38.

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